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CrampCalmer™ - Menstrual Heating Pad

“Everyone is different but for my cycle, I feel like I have the worst, and I mean the worst cramps! I tried the hot towel method, pain relievers, and even coffee, but it seems like nothing will work for me. I was about to give up and accept that I just have to deal with these bad cramps until I found the CrampCalmer. It's so cute and not only that it heats my stomach area and stopped my cramping. I love it so much and I suggest you give it a try too!  ”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Amanda Carrie
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The menstrual cycle is a natural body cleansing process but it can usually cause unbearable pain. Cramps are the most common symptoms of the menstrual cycle and going through sudden spikes of pain can be uncomfortable and tempering. Going through throbbing pain around the womb can feel torturous and depressing.

The CrampCalmer™ is an electrically powered menstrual heating pad that calms period cramps. With infrared compress tech, the CrampCalmer™ massages and sends heat near the womb and lower back area to fully retract muscles. Embrace a calm and overall more peaceful experience during the menstrual cycle with the CrampCalmer™.



✅ VIBRATION MASSAGE: Due to its vibration massage feature, the CrampCalmer™ soothes the abdominal area while heating. Now the uterus can be heated while receiving a nice vibrating tone.

✅ 1 SEC QUICK HEAT: With its 1-second heat operation, the CrampCalmer™ heats the ab area quickly to calm cramps sooner. This prevents a long warm-up time and instead provides a much more convenient way to get rid of cramps.

 NOISE REDUCTION: The CrampCalmer™ has noise reduction to ensure that there are no loud annoyances when heating the uterus. Not only is it faster and more effective than a towel but it will be just as silent.

✅ PLUSH PILLOW: Providing a soft and plush pillow, the CrampCalmer™ delivers comfort when worn. The abdomen area will now receive a much more soothing and snuggly feeling while being heated.



1. Open the CrampCalmer package

2. Apply CrampCalmer onto the abdomen area

3. Power CrampCalmper on

4. Set up the setting desired (instructions in the manual)

5. Enjoy your warm experience! 


We understand how painful menstrual cramps can get, especially when it gets to the point where you may not want to go out due to the feeling. Imagine getting up out of bed on the first day of menstruation just to feel a hard aching pain, it can ruin the whole day. In regards to statistics, period pain was reported by 84.1% of women, with 43.1% reporting that pain occurred during every period.

The CrampCalmer™ is here to assist with calming period cramps to make the natural cleansing cycle a much more painless one. Built with its heated vibration massage feature, it ensures that the least pain is experienced when going through the process. Enjoy a newfound sense of peace when cramps try to creep up with the stimulating CrampCalmer™!



✔️Product size: 160x90×35mm
✔️Power supply: 5V(DC)0.8A
✔️Input power: 5W
✔️Lithium battery:3.7V DC1800mAh
✔️Heating temperature: +39C~+50°C
✔️Charging time: about 3~4 hours
✔️Battery Capacity: 1800mAh



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