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CompressCup™ - Smart Cupping Massager

“Travelling is my passion and I love to go to places that have a whole different cultural setting but sitting on that plane for so long takes a toll on the back. My husband bought me the CompressCup and it’s an absolute game-changer for us. Now when we’ve come back from a long flight or I just simply finished doing laundry around the house, I don't have to worry about my back aching for days! I love its scraping feature because that just strips the stress off my back. I usually don't do reviews, but I recommended the CompressCup to anyone!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Josie Marie
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Back pain has always been prevalent in society, and it's a problem that has yet to be solved. This pain causes issues with regular activities like walking, twisting, and lifting, which has been shown to worsen with age. Back pain can be depressing and it’s been common to see a lack of drive due to this.

The CompressCup™ is an electrically charged suction cup that eases the pain in the body. It promotes blood circulation through the body with its red-light therapy (RLT) & suction tech to stimulate acupoints gut Enjoy a new sense of confidence with a pain-free neck all thanks to the CompressCup™.



 ✅ RED LIGHT THERAPY: Its red-light therapy promotes improved wound healing, facial texture, and much more. The CompressCup™ cannot only reconstruct the skin but also completely reform it with RLT. 

 ✅ 2 MODES: Allowing the CompressCup™ to contract stress inwards and outward are its two pressure modes which are deep and soothing. Muscles will now be stimulated so that the body can be more relaxed.



 12 PRESSURE: The CompressCup™, gives the ability to choose up to 12 levels of pressure to adjust to. This in turn provides complete control of getting rid of the pain.

✅ PORTABLE USE: Being 78mm (3in) in size, the CompressCup™ is portable and can be taken on the goWhether it is at a hotel far from home or in the bedroom, it's free of location

✅ AUTOMATED TIMER: With its built-in 20-min timer, the CompressCup™ shuts off automatically. This safeguards the skin by giving a recovery time window to further help rejuvenate muscles.

✅ MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The CompressCup™ is multifunctional and can be used for additional pain-relieving methods. Whether it's gua sha, compression therapy, and more, it can be performed with ease.




1. Open the CompressCup package

2. Power on CompressCup

3. Select a specific setting 

4. Compress and relieve pain!

5. Charge when needed for full use!


We understand how unfortunate it can be to deal with muscle pain in your day-to-day life. Getting up out of bed just to feel an aching feeling in the back can ruin the rest of the day. According to an article by The Goodbody, around 540 million people worldwide are affected by back pain at any one time and 65 million are Americans.

Being able to say bye to those random spikes in the back and yes to a newfound peace of mind is why the CompressCup is here. With its use of red light therapy technology, it penetrates the skin and promotes blood circulation. Enjoy a more peaceful quality of life with the CompressCup™!





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