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UnFlame™ - Flameless Candle Warming Lamp

"I love everything about candles from the aroma to the feeling, to the energy, but I've noticed my kids coughing more when I light them up. I learned that the flame from the actual candle itself smoked up my house and made the air more toxic. I saw the UnFlame™ on my Facebook feed and never bought a candlelight so quickly. It does not burn my candles without a flame but comes with a lamp for an aesthetic look. If I got that I think you should too!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Amanda Carrie
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Candles bring a different vibe depending on what specific scent is attached to them, but they can sometimes be unsafe. Burning a candle for too long will cause carbon to collect on the wick, leading it to create large smoky flames aka mushrooming. The smoky wick of a candle can evoke a sense of insecurity due to its potential harm to innocent children and pets.

UnFlame™ is a heat-emitting lamp that burns candles as if there was a wick being scorched. Its adjustable ‎switch applies warm pressure onto candle wax and radiates light at preferred levels to nourish flame-free aromas. Enjoy doubling the value of candles simply by warming rather than burning, with UnFlame™.



✅ WARMING LAMP: UnFlame™ has an aesthetic warming lamp that emits heat into the wax of candles. This displays the same ability to melt the candle while giving off ambient light.

 CLEAN ATMOSPHERE: The UnFlame™ is ergonomic and helps the environment by avoiding scorching the candle wick. This delivers a safe and breathable atmosphere while still giving off a delightful scent.


 VIBRANCE CONTROL: Its 50W powered engine can be activated with its adjustable remote controller causing its light to be fully emitted. Be able to enjoy an abundance of aromas with full control of the temperature being applied. 

 WIDE APPLICATION: Its easily applicable design operates with multiple plugs giving it a wide range of usage in any scenario. This provides the freedom of location‎ ‎because it can be used for various locales.



1. Open UnFlame™ Package 

2. Set up & plug UnFlame™ into the wall

3. Place the candle under UnFlame™

4. Turn on and adjust levels to preference
5. Enjoy pleasant aromas with cleaner air

We understand how candles are at times needed and how a smoky smell can override the candle itself. It can be scary to fall asleep after a long night and accidentally forget to turn off the candle flame. According to an article by Instinks, burning a candle for prolonged periods will cause carbon to pile on its wick, leading it to become unstable and produce dangerously large flames and soot.

With the UnFlame™, take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer face issues with smoky air! The UnFlame™ does more than heat candles more aesthetically, it provides safer breathing conditions by warming candles without sparking wicks due to its adjustable brightness setting. Enjoy a newfound sense of confidence and comfort when heating candles with the shining UnFlame™!




(1) UnFlame™

(1) Table Lamp

(2) Light Bulbs

(1)  Dimming line (1.5 meters)


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