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VisageRay™ - Face Lifting Device

“I notice that ever since pregnancy my face has gotten a bit chubbier and it's playing with my insecurities. I was so embarrassed until I saw the VisageRay™ on my phone! It is an easy-to-use remote face lifter that honestly helped take away my insecurities after a couple of days of use. I was brave enough to expose myself because of how good this thing is, I think you should get one too. ”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Cassandra Banks
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Whether it's premature aging or just simply stress, excessive weight in certain areas can play a role in appearance. However, it's typical for most to have wrinkled and chubbier faces which may be frustrating when trying to obtain a more defined look. This can be surprising and rather depressing to see the early physical effects of the common day-to-day strain on the mind.

The VisageRay™ is a unique face sculpting device that effectively stimulates and relaxes the skin with up to three different heated massage light modes. It’s very easy to apply and comes with ultrasonic EMS micro-current vibration to fully help reshape the surface of the skin in and out! Enjoy the privilege of a much more smooth and distinct face so that face is always shining in the room!



 HEAT MASSAGE: The heated massage within the VisageRay™ goes up to 45 °C. The heated massage stretches wrinkled skin so that a young and more smooth look is achieved.

 IONTOPHORESIS: The VisageRay™ provides iontophoresis therapy which sends mild electrical stimulation to block the sweat glands within the body. This extracts dirt in deep pores by thoroughly cleaning them with charged ions.


 SONIC VIBRATION: With sonic vibration technology, the VisageRay™ penetrates through the skin. This fully exfoliates the neck and face by massaging and promoting blood circulation.

 3 MODES: There are 3 unique and effective modes within the VisageRay™; hot, clean, and EMS modes. Each particular mode exfoliates the skin with a different light and vibration setting to provide treatment diversity.



1. Open the VisageRay™ package
2. Remove the VisageRay™ from the packing
3. Turn on VisageRay™ and set the mode
4. Apply  onto the face/neck
5. Watch those wrinkles and chubs reduce greatly! 

We understand how stressful life may get and premature aging along with overeating are the sad symptoms of this stress. Just picture coming home after a long day to look in the mirror and notice some wrinkles around the neck and face area. According to Hindustan Times, from having premature wrinkles, acne, uneven skin tone, and puffy eyes to dark circles, stress can lead to or aggravate a large number of beauty problems.

The VisageRay™ brings a feeling of relief by preserving the outer surface of the skin. It's made to massage and penetrate through the outer layer of the skin with its LED-heated massage therapy along with iontophoresis. Enjoy a much more distinct and youthful look with the VisageRay™!


✔️Model: ES-081

✔️Material: ABS

✔️Output voltage: 3.7V

✔️Battery capacity: 500mAh

✔️Power: 2.5W

✔️Input voltage: 5V=1A

✔️Size: 89x47x120mm

✔️Auto turn off: about 5 min

✔️Charging time: about 2h


(1) x  VisageRay™

(1) x USB charging cable

(1) x User manual

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